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January 6th, 2020


In the same way that drowning is like taking a sip of water.

This was a one hour episode, hence the extra caps. Pay no attention to the internal numbering on them. There were… technical issues since my automation setup choked on the quantity and it was easier to fix in post. Also, final post for the day. Tomorrow will be Seton, Breakers, Orphen, and ID. That show about being invincible in an MMO had an early webcast too. I'll get to it Thursday.


One day, Nexus is going to get to animate an action show where the writing isn't abysmal and they will be able to put out a pretty satisfying popcorn show. This will not be that season. Then again, I'm not sure the direction is carrying its weight either. Granted, I'm not sure what I would do if I were the director and given three paragraphs of internal narration that was supposed to fit into a three second span. Extended slow-mo was not the correct answer. I have to figure that he probably just gave up at some point when given a script thick enough to be mistaken for an encyclopedia. Good god, does this show need at least four or five more editors than it has, of which I suspect the number is zero. Nothing goes unexplained, and most of it takes the audience for a goddamned imbecile, particularly when it launches into about a minute straight informing the audience that the protagonist has now figured out that everything that is happening is due to the magical game which is the title of the show, along with a recitation of every single goddamned thing that is happening. Weirdly, it also doesn't get distracted by anything outside the premise, like establishing that the dude is a boring normie with normie friends and a normie life. It drags its premise, but it does stay on it.

That said, the premise certainly is extremely trite and exceptionally tired, particularly the slave magical girlfriend, but the animation isn't awful and I'd rather watch super powered people in a battle royal than teenagers talking about how great their newsletter about the fanciest rocks in your backyard are. I'm absolutely certain that this would be a lot more tolerable if the protagonist wasn't such an obnoxious over-narrating sad sack of crap, and can't help but think over to Taboo Tattoo's martial artist protagonist who responded to being attacked in an alley with a right hook, not five minutes of exposition about the situation. If the episode… or even the second 'episode' had genuinely been about the protagonist manning up and accepting that he's going to have to kick some asses, even if still not killing them, I'd feel better about the show's direction going forward. Instead, it ends with his naked slave-wife crawling all over him, begging to be sexed, while he gapes in shocked horror. Ugh.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • CatsB says:

    is Yūsuke Kobayashi the troy baker of anime?

  • ark noir says:

    WaNt SoMe CaNdY?


    epic fail on the anime’s part.

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