All Together! To Seton Academy! #01 — Dimorphism

January 7th, 2020


The porn for this show is going to be horrifying.

Breakers finally got a broadcast schedule, a day before its original announced broadcast date, changing its broadcast date, and revealing that it was a short after all. Great. I can cross it off already.


Leaving aside the weird gender dimorphism which is straight from an Oglaf comic, my first thought was that this could have been okay for a low end slapstick harem thing if not for the particularly heavy handed and dumb drama, but then I think back to how obnoxious the protagonist and narrator were the entire episode, and how the protagonist spent most of the episode screaming at and tormenting everybody around him but the girl he likes, and I'm not really sure why that would be my impression. Maybe it's just second-hand chuckling from thinking about the Oglaf comic. Maybe the wolf girl's mannerisms are just barely amusing enough for her energy to be the predominant tenor until you start thinking about the actual content. Maybe I'm just in a good mood that definitely won't last.

The dramatic elements in particular started awful, but seemed like they were at their nadir early with the cliche childhood encounter angle. Then it went to a zebra physically abusing her, and followed that with a bunch of bears who wanted to either murder or gangrape them, possibly both. It's not abundantly clear which, which is in and of itself an issue. That stuff is so out of step with a hyperactive girl running around, slobbering on and growling at things. Our jackass protagonist also really desperately needed some kind of comeuppance for being an unrelenting ass, preferably from the object of his affections. Instead, he was lionized start to finish despite being a two-faced arrogant possibly racist ass. In any case, at absolute best, it's a low end slapstick harem, and it frequently doesn't make it to even that high bar. Maybe that's enough. Lord knows after last season, there's worse.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    A show like this, running with that oglaf gag which I fully admit is really funny – should have straight up zero dramatic elements. You’ve already established this is dumb, just go with it, don’t try to also say “yeah but I also have a MESSAGE that’s IMPORTANT.”

    If you’re going to play male-on-female violence for laughs, which I am not at all against, you basically have to play everything for laughs.

  • :-) says:

    this is how to spread RABIES & other sorts of plagues

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