Z/X Code Reunion #01 — Variable Strength Orbital Beam Cannon

October 8th, 2019


I feel like a surprise attack with a planet scraper would have a better target than a high school full of helpless twits.


The highlight of this episode was trying to figure out why the blonde decided to ride on the roof instead of in the passenger seat. Unlike every damn thing else in the episode, it's not explained. She just crawls onto the roof and everyone ignores it. Is she allergic to car seats? Does someone in the car have ridiculous BO? Probably both. Yes, that is the highlight of the episode because the rest is really really really boring, or more precisely, just a series of isolated character introductions that aren't tied together into any kind of narrative or plot.

Speaking of which, like Jet Girls, it's all that interested in engaging with its premise. It's more than happy to talk about it, and its brief segment at the end is a bit more involved than Jet Girls's was, but it's not any better animated and nobody gets shot in the butt. All we have here are beams pew pewing from space, which can apparently be deflected with melee weapons or obliterate an entire soccer field depending on what the script calls for, and one beam being pew pewed up at the other beams. So like Jet Girls, I have to wonder what's supposed to be the selling point here. It sure ain't the action. There's no drama to speak of. Some of the girls have large breasts that jiggle, so it's probably that.


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