Welcome to Hell, Iruma #01 — Here’s the Narrator With a Joke

October 7th, 2019


The most organic way to supply comedy.


"To help us communicate, I used magic."
"Yes. I can use magic because I'm a demon."
"Yes. I am a demon because this is hell."

If I could reach into the screen and slap the script writer, believe me, I would. But is it fair to be unkind with a show that is very clearly aimed towards a younger crowd? Hell, yes. Absolutely. You wouldn't catch Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, or even Zettai Karen Children trying to pass that off as dialogue, nor would they have a narrator cut in to explain the joke that they were about to make, before actually making the joke. The narrator part is especially odd because it's there for just two scenes, nearly fifteen minutes apart, so it's not like some running gag or integral part of the show's formula.

It's lazy, which is a summary of the production too. At least it's firmly in the 'wacky slapstick' area without the slightest overtures towards a plot or drama, but in a world where Disgaea is 16 years old, and the high school version of Disgaea which this is an exact clone of is a decade past? It's not going to get by on just the inherent 'wackiness' of the setting, and this episode didn't have much more than that in the animation or in the comedy. But it does have a lot of shouting, which is I guess the biggest thing since sliced bread in Japanese comedy lately.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Plot is similar to Rosario + Vampire somewhat, everything looks 1000 times cheaper, and is certainly not funny.

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