Val x Love #01 — Narrator Avatar

October 7th, 2019


If no more shows this season have a narrator, there'll still have been too many.


This is quite the throwback to the 2012 era where every single light novel protagonist was an ostracized suspected monster because they had a scar or scowled 5% more than was socially acceptable but was actually a spineless doormat. Which I'm not calling a total indictment of the subgenre. I've… perhaps not enjoyed, but certainly tolerated… things like Ulysses, Why I Can't Have Sex, or C³, and this trope is all over the damn place in Japanese games as an excuse to cram in sex.

This falls far short of those in numerous ways. For one, the animation is crap, both in general, and in not even trying in the slightest for the action scene. A couple stills and a pose are all you're getting. There's also a random narrator here who pops in to helpfully give random exposition when they can't figure out even the thinnest excuse to have a character do it themselves… which they also do, frequently and belligerently. Even if you're in it for just the fanservice, there's not much of that. Just the token walk in on them half dressed, hug an arm naked, faceplant into a crotch, and then do most of that a second time, but serious instead of 'funny.' It's serious because there's a 40 year old man narrating the second time. Not even concentrated on a specific thing, like Campione's overfetishization of kissing and/or horses. …Maybe I'll just watch Campione again to remember what the deal was with all the horses. Seems like it'd probably be a better use of my time.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    Altered the undressing scene, hair censoring nipples. Looks like not even Hoods can deliver in 2019.

  • CatsB says:

    Have not watched it yet. came in just to say something about that anime where a guy falls from the ceiling into the bathroom and on to a princess with a crotch tattoo but looking over the screenshots Campione was the first thing that poped into my mind.

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