True Cooking Master Boy #01 — Thanks, Harvest Moon!

October 11th, 2019


That's the only reason I know the Japanese term for silkie chickens.


This was dumb. Really dumb. Some girl with a dead brother had black chickens that the town thought were bad mojo. Then a kid rolls into town, cooks some rice using them that tastes good and says "Actually, they're silkie chickens, which are the BEST kind of chickens." Everyone is completely knocked for a loop and is overcome by their awe of his knowledge, expertise, and virility, and award him the best cooker trophy for chicken mastery. I think. Might have stopped caring and/or paying attention after seeing it was a shot for shot remake of the last time this had an adaptation, which was itself probably just copy/pasting a single banal chapter from the ancient source manga. Aim a little higher than copy/paste with your adaptations, Japan. 

If it seems like that should've taken five minutes, you're right. It should have. But it was stretched out to twenty minutes. Twenty barely animated minutes of prattling on about how a true chef puts the greatest care into every single grain of rice. Watch Kung Fu Cooking Girls (again) instead. It has as much to do with Chinese cooking, twice the budget, and ten times more intelligence.

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