Stand My Heroes #01 — Babysitter Club

October 8th, 2019


Why is there always cake?


I'll remind you that this is an adptation of "Bejeweled, But With Pointy Chinned Men Encouraging You." There's also something profoundly reductive about the female lead's big show of competence and asserting herself is taking off her high heels. Yeah, she was a gawping imbeciles who was accused of needing to be constantly babysat, but she… scuffed up her stockings a little before needing to be saved by the guy who complained about her needing to be saved. Despite being proven completely right, he was moved by her… scuffed stockings? 

Yes, I am harping on about that a bit much, but in my defense, it was the only five minutes of the episode that couldn't be described as introduction to one of a dozen pointy-chinned man-salads, one or more people sipping some drink out of a saucer and/or eating cake, or dudes placidly arguing bureaucracy. I legitimately wonder if there's something that requires tea and cake in these kinds of shows. Is that why the pretty boys almost always work in a cafe? Why is their office even full of cake in the first place? Do these people even do any work at all? Probably not since their job is apparently babysitting some halfwit.

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