Special 7 #01 — Anti-Gun Haver

October 7th, 2019


At last we've discovered a villain stronger than Gun Haver, terrible writing.

If I can get through Actors, Babylon, Fairy Gone, and Bem, that'll catch me up through the Sunday premieres. I don't think that I will, but I'll do at least 1-2 more later tonight and definitely be all caught up by the end of tomorrow.


A show that thinks itself as cool as this does should not be this bad. At the start, I kept waiting for the bank thing to be over. It's such a tired cliche that I thought we'd be using it as the introduction and be over and done with it within the first 3-4 minutes. No such luck, as it consumes the entire damn episode. But the most inexplicably worst parts were the two times that the lead had a gun pulled on him. One time, he's shot in the chest at point blank range out of the back of a speeding truck. Then he gets up and goes "Whew. They missed and I'm 100% fine." That's up there with Cross Ange's "I was run over by a 2 ton truck, but I'm fine because I was holding a frying pan" for patent crap. Then another dude pulls a gun on him at the end, and his response is to shout his rage before punching him. The approximate 5 seconds wasn't enough time for the crazy cultist to react.

It's bad. It's really bad. It's slow, dull, barely animated really bad. There's no reason for it to be this bad. What is it about these super teams that Japan struggles so much to do even passably? Just steal some scripts from Leverage or hell, even Burn Notice, add some Anime Cliche Cool™ crap, and go with that. Don't pad it out for twenty minutes and try to sell each character doing one little thing as super awesome A Team, especially if you're not going to animate it, and only two of the super squad do anything other than pushing a button. If your final Awesome Culmination scene was like this? With the music, the banter, the direction, the use of silence, and the animation? Then we can say that the 15 minutes leading up to it was worth the wait. The best that I can say about this episode is that when it needed a narrator, it got the protagonist from the future to do it rather than some random dude from the down the hall.


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  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Where are the dragons? I thought there were going to be dragons? Give me my dragons!!!

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