Rifle is Beautiful #01 — Gun Play

October 13th, 2019


Girls make stupid faces in a club, part 2415.


It feels a little desperate to be using the OP as a triumphant insert song seven minutes into the episode, approximately four minutes after the OP. Then again, considering what followed was a recitation of "fun facts about the characters and beam rifles," some desperation was probably warranted. But then once they got started with the fun facts, they had problems stopping. We're going to the grocery store and getting told that supermarkets are great because they're open late, and being open late means that they're open late at night, and being open late at night is really convenient. Then all the character go "Oooohhhh" in appreciation for this.

It's… certainly a four panel thing of girls in a club. Very transparently so at the random points where it does a completely random side bit totally unconnected to anything else and then drops it. "Hikari, why don't you do one of your jokes." –puts on bunny ears– "Okay, done now." …Riiight. And that's all it really has. No overall structure to connect or bridge things. Nothing special in the production. Girls make dumb faces and tell you fun facts about the activity du jour. Pretty soon, Japan will have produced a comprehensive encyclopedia of all possible school activities in the form of halfwits giggling about them, of which this will merely be the third or fourth gun-based one.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anise_punter says:

    No lie that sounds like the greatest book ever devised

  • Anonymous says:

    Really wished this one would have been good. There’s not enough cute anime girls playing with guns.

  • ark noir says:

    So the blonde haired red eyed girl is japanese, but the auburn,
    brownish haired brown eyed girl gets discriminated against for her looks.

    gotcha, anime!

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