Make Me Average! #02 — The Continuing Adventure of Bigface

October 14th, 2019


What happened to you, Japanese comedies?


Well, if you enjoyed the jokes it made last week, then here they are again. And all the same dumb faces too. I briefly glanced through PSO2 as well, just to see if now that the intros were done, it was going to improve. Like this, it rehashed the first episode, right down to killing their tourguide and that one dude popping out to punch something and then berate them for not having enough resolve. All it really did was mix up the order of things a bit.

I really don't know what I'm going to do with this season. Assassin's Pride is likely to be… tolerable if the budget doesn't crash into the side of a mountain. I could probably survive Azur Lane just making dumb jokes about sexually transmitted diseases and wondering how any of it is supposed to make any sense. Outside of those is… what? Fairy Gone? Ugh. Maybe I'll just pick a random obscure game each week and write up my impressions after playing for an hour or two. I need a drink. And a plan. And another drink.


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