Kanda River Jet Girls #01 — Butt Shots

October 8th, 2019


And zooms through crotches.


It's very easy to specify what sets this apart from its better ilk like Harukana Receive or Hip Whip Girls. If you were to change the club activity, you'd only have to re-animate about 5% of the episode. You would think they'd be embracing their ridiculous sport where top-heavy teenagers dress in spandex and shoot each other in the butt with super soakers while their crotches emit a blinding light, but I guess that's not the real draw here by how it's tucked away only at the very end of the episode and relegated to less screentime than the jiggly halfwit gets for a montage of wandering around a city. I'm not joking about the nuclear crotches either. The camera zooms right up through them. No doubt, the DVDs will be… full of camel toe.

Which leaves it as an episode that is mainly a brainless gibbering idiot wandering around, trying to befriend a mopey girl. Comedy? Drama? Sports? Fanservice? Whatever it is that you're looking for, it's difficult to say that you're going to find it here. It has girls. It almost sort of has some kind of club activity. That's as far as its ambitions run and as much as it achieves, if you can even call that achieving anything. It's hard to see how this could even be an effective advertisement for the game it's supposed to be selling.


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