Actors -Song Connection- #01 — The Accidental Spy

October 7th, 2019


Do these people have any idea what a narrative is?


One day, one of these shows it going to be a genuine surprise. Not necessarily a good surprise. But like, it'll be all about them stabbing each other with forks. Like Revue Starlight, but not banal tripe 80% of the time and actual consequences to people getting kicked in the teeth. This isn't that day, but I did have to stop the episode at one point and rewind because all of a sudden, two characters were discussing some kind of spy conspiracy and I thought that in my inattention, I must have dozed off or gotten distracted. It turns out that I hadn't. There's just this one scene in the middle of the episode where two dudes who show up nowhere else in the episode are talking entirely in clandestine allusions to… something.

The existence of such a conversation would perhaps indicate some greater intrigue or plot, but hell if I could find it anywhere else in the episode. It's hard to even divine what the rest of the episode was going for. It bounces around between the gaggle of pretty boys, not following any one in particular, let alone putting together a narrative. Then the sad one with a sick mom has a music sequence while another one stands there stunned by his pure perfect voice and glomps him into the club. Thus ends the episode, with yet another completely random dude in a dark room full of TVs going "Good, good. All according to plan." Another truly bizarre moment that just makes me think that someone slipped a few pages of a spy thriller into the script to see if anybody noticed, and the answer is a very definitive no.

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