The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #10 — Mixed Messages

September 2nd, 2019


Mappa, you really need to just fire all your writers. Perhaps out of a cannon.


Nothing new, but I really would love to know what the writers are thinking, and yes, I'm going to make a lot of hay out of a little scene because, again, this 'arc' has stretched on for at least an episode longer than it needed to and is supposed to be the turning point for the main characters. The thing that sticks out like a sore thumb here is that Schaal never even once brings up her encounter with one of the beasties who had completely retained her humanity and was just trying to live in peace, chase her dreams, and make everyone happy. Coincidentally, also one that wasn't a genocidal racist lunatic from the start. No, the dramatic character empathy moment we discuss is that she knows what it's like because her father became a berserk zombie dragon. One of these two things seems pretty relevant to the guy despairing that he's doomed to lose his humanity, and it ain't dragon dad.

This whole show would have been much better served if it was weaving towards a more simple "power corrupts" kind of lesson. Schaal's little "I'll be the one to kill you" was fine, albeit about two months past when it should have come. The rest of the speech though? About killing all his friends before they become monsters? I have a real hard time getting behind that, or even understanding it, especially, again, after a whole episode about how there was one that was less of a menace than regular human fear and paranoia, not to mention at least two other beasties (dragon and behemoth) who hadn't done jack squat to anybody yet at all.

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