The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #07 — Failed Reboot

August 12th, 2019


So much for her being the protagonist.


This was just a very lazy episode all around, but the start was mystifying. You know how we had a bunch of episodes about how everyone loves peace and life is great except for the giant monsters? Well, turns out that actually everyone hates everything, so much so that they'd rather join forces with their former enemies under the yoke of literal giant monsters as long as they can stick it to the man. So much so that pretty much overnight, Cain has established the new evil empire, bigger than the others combined, and even had matching uniforms ready. Maybe it was to make the reveal that Schaal survived because her clothes were magic, yes, magic, feel a little less stupid in comparison. It didn't even seem like that fatal of a gut shot to be honest. But nice that they had clothes that caused someone to bleed as if they'd been really shot, without actually… you know what, let's just move on past the opening idiotic info dump.

But wait, we can't move on, because the monster of the week is quite literally bringing her dragon dad back from the dead to kill him a second time. The hand-wavey excuse is that he has lots of precious liquids and great vitality, so… let's also call that magic. Now, this could have been a Schaal episode. It could have been her finally girding up those ovaries and kicking some ass. Perhaps some kind of epiphany, growth, something. She didn't. All we got was the usual speech about how the monster of the week used to care about something, but was now a crazy murder monster, whether or not any murder had actually been committed. Even the visuals were half-assed. They had to sell the zombie dragon thing, so when they were announcing it was a zombie, we got one shot of a chunk of flesh falling off it. From that point onward, all bullets and explosions merrily plinked off it because even animating little blood splurts was too much effort. Right up until Schaal had given her insipid little internal speech, at which point it became extremely vulnerable to her little rifle. After all, the speech is what matters, not earthly logic. Thanks, anime writing! Yeah, yeah, blondie also used The Big Gun to blow off a wing, I suppose, so maybe it's just immune to bullets fired by nameless characters.

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