Fire Force #04 — Still Life

August 2nd, 2019


Boy, when the honeymoon's over, the honeymoon's over.


They animated the about 10 seconds of action this week, and… really did not animate much of anything else. Nearly the entire ~90 second pre-OP sequence in particular was about seven stills and four frames of mouth animations. At various points in the episode, they just stopped drawing people's faces. The writers were also half-assing it too, because we got re-runs of previous speeches, not to mention a recap of last week's overlong exposition with the introduction of the new character at the start of the episode, who then didn't show up again until the end… to also repeat her sadist schtick before they got tired of animating that too and the stills, especially distance shots, took over. She has the budget friendly power of staring sort of hard, which makes people fall over. Thrilling.

Well, I can't say I expected any better from David Production or a (Not)-Jump source, but I feel like this is probably where we part ways unless Granbelm completely messes itself. It's already spending over a third of the episode repeating itself and is about a two minute editing cut away from being almost completely unanimated. I'm getting enough repetition from Symphogear, and it actually has music and a budget behind it. 

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  • abc says:

    Perhaps since they edited episode 3, they now way behind time and need some tricks to speed up again