Cop Craft #05 — Black Out

August 5th, 2019


That's one way to not animate anything.


I think I'm ready to throw in the towel on this one as well. Sacred Beasts's terrible episode last week merely granted it a brief reprieve, but this episode was indiscipherably horrible. And I mean that in quite a literal sense as they've found a new way to be terrible at visuals; by making everything too dark to see a damn thing. This was on top of the now expected godawful writing. "Get everyone out of here, she's invincible!" –They shoot her and she runs off– Oh, guess she was quite vincible after all. And another few minutes of explaining the concept of vampires, closeups of faces bobbing to show them moving fast while they talk about how fast they're runing, so on and so forth.

There wasn't even all that much to animate. The vampire chick spent most of her screentime warbling on about how she neither knew nor cared what was going on, so perhaps that makes two of us. Even with a train bearing down on her, she was blathering about some random prophecy and how much of a cool dude Kei was by how he… has seen her more than once, I guess? Like most of the episode, it was impenetrably unclear because everything was pitch black until it was time for a still and then it would light up like the Fourth of July.

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  • Noname says:

    -“Get everyone out of here, she’s invincible!” –They shoot her and she runs off– Oh, guess she was quite vincible after all.

    Was it a mistake? because that’s what actually happened. They even bothered to show the surprise when the Kei had those googles to allow him to see her.

  • The Phantom says:

    Is like this show is permanently on a FF button, I wonder if the author is ok with this pacing… and with the animation quality, it was evident how they put everything black to hide the poor animation or whatever, it was very evident.

    The OP was made by a different team? Or way before they knew the characters personalities? the guy in the Opening is a like a completely different person.

  • J Greely says:

    Is the author okay with squeezing two books into six episodes? Book 1 is currently #10 in best-selling light novels on Amazon Japan, and the other five are in the top 20. I’d say he and his publisher are delighted.