Young Nobunaga #01 — Argumentum Ad Absurdum

July 8th, 2019


If I was a warlord, that kid would get cuffed upside the head.


We're starting out at the bottom of this five episode day and working our way at least gradually up. The crowning moment of this episode was the singularly godawful climax. If there's anything one knows about medieval era warlords, it's that they love being talked down to by children, especially the teenagers they're attempting to teach a lesson. It also doesn't help that the argument made there makes no sense. They're rats, but they're stealing from you, so that means that you're rich. If you were poor, they'd be running away. Ergo, you'd be mocked if you executed them because people stealing things from you is actually a sign of pride. But this was such a compelling comeback that he relented in the face of such overwhelming insight and intelligence that he gave up on the whole thing and turned everything over to the little twink.

And that was the high point of the episode. The rest of it was him and his buddies cavorting around town, getting into random mischief, laying in the grass, glistening wet and naked, or, my favorite, primping each other's hair and clothes. Sorry, baldy, you're not pretty enough for sparkle makeover time. It's clear who the target audience here is, and as much effort went into the animation as did the script. So if you want half-naked boys with delusions of grandeur and a world that ridiculously warps itself to put them on a pedestal, go nuts. It may not be the last one of these we see today, depending on how fast the god mode in another world show gets to its god mode.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    yeah just the into made me think it was a boys love show.
    That “logic” seems like bull they usually come up with when the honor calls for execution but no one actually wants to do it. I guess since it was his father its likely but that is not how it played. I also “love” how the father was painted as the badguy for being upset that his son is in a gang of thieves robbing people. I guess nobu loves guns and “knowledge” but did not think of impact on trade.