The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #02 — Dragon Dad

July 8th, 2019


I'm a little unclear how they were getting by in the first place.


I feel like this episode would've been much stronger had Nance's origin story not existed, or just been a couple short flashbacks as she investigated the present-day stuff. Fleshing out the latter would've certainly helped with what was a lightning-fast introduction and resolution to what could have been a genuine climax of the episode, but it didn't really follow on what the first half had been. It's hard to connect I've-Already-Forgotten-His-Name murdering her dragon dad in seemingly cold blood for doing nothing other than having night terrors (and I suppose perhaps eating some sheep off-screen, but even that's not firmly established) and killing a clearly mentally handicapped dude. They could've really built that up; shown her investigating around town, only seeing Rhino being kind to the villagers but there obviously being something up, before a known murderer rolls into town with an exploding spear declaring that he's going to be murdering the town's Lennie because it's his god given duty.

So she steps up and demands proof and who who made him judge, jury, and executioner. That's good! That's a valid question, especially because his premise that all the beasties are crazy lunatics has at least one clear exception that we know of, and two that she does. Also, his proof is nonexistent. But then Rhino says "Yeah, I did the murders. All the murders. I can't stop murdering everything. Oops, here I go murdering again," and all nuance flies out the window. It gets worse though. We could've continued on the revenge direction; "You're right. They must all die, so I'll kill you." Or a more cerebral approach "You know how to kill them and I don't, so I'll stick with you until I figure out how to kill you," or even compassion/responsible "You were supposed to help them, not murder them." Instead of either of those, the lesson we're supposed to take was "I guess you probably did have a good reason to kill my dragon dad in cold blood. We're BFFs until you dish." Really? Really?

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  • NeclordX says:

    I was really surprised the villagers didn’t just burn the orphanage as usually happens in this situation, they weren’t only helpful and reasonable asking him politely to wear the bell, they were Smart enough to send the children away in case something happens. Not assholes reasonable Smart villagers is not something you see often in anime.