Symphogear XV #02 — Jam Explosion Montage

July 13th, 2019


I don't think thousands of jam fountains is the way to do it.


I guess this would be the antagonist introduction episode. It threatened that it might be improving at least over the previous two seasons, but I'm not sure it really did, especially for the first one. I could've overlooked the silliness of the werewolf girl with a hand-tail in a suitcase, complete with butt-attachment animation had her plan of luring them into an enclosed space where they couldn't fight actually worked, but as usual, it's just one momentary moment of "Oh no! We're in trouble!" and then one point seven two nanoseconds later, it's "Wait, we can just ignore this," and they curb stomp her as usual. 

The other one was probably a little bit better. They tried to do a callback to the opening bit of the very first season with Tsubasa going a little berserk as an entire crowd of her fans was liquified, which really makes one wonder how she gets people to keep showing up to her concerts since this is like the fifth time it's happened, half of which were by characters who are now protagonists. Turning a bunch of randos, idol fans at that, into jelly splashes for the umpteenth time doesn't have the same impact as if they had smashed up a named character though. Executing the hostage into Tsubasa's face was a much more effective and personal touch than the jam burst montage. 

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