Street Corner Demon #03 — It’s Called Fashion

July 25th, 2019


Why do I get the feeling this was three disparate segments from the cutting floor?


I'm pretty well prepared to purge this one from my mental space too. Where'd all the creativity in anime comedy go? This one's big jokes practically had the setups of "Okay, here's your chance to say something super wacky." And then they say something banal, and we all laugh (ie don't laugh) because the joke was that there was no joke. Is that better than if it had yelled at me instead? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. There's a wide open space for the next Galaxy Angel or Pani Poni Dash, Japan, and an endless cavalcade of shows where the comedy never rises above "hapless girl makes distressed/stupid face" are not filling it. Even taking the parts singly, it's like a single page that they tried to stretch out for a third of the episode. Here's a new character. We'll be doing nothing with her. She has no part of this episode. Her gags are the same as everyone else's. Okay, bye. Back to the other characters also doing those same non-jokes. What was the point!? And did they just straight up forget to have any kind of punchline or resolution to the bit about her clothes? The hell happened there? It's like they just got bored of it and dropped it.

Anyway, I think next week for the mid-week period, I'll seriously and truly make an attempt to finish my now three-part series on why Baldr Sky is a terrible, terrible game. Early spoiler, it involves the game's constant use of time traveling space wizards who are constantly forgetting what powers they have. You know, the hallmark of all good cyberpunk stories. Since I've said it publicly, there's at least a 50% chance I'll follow through on it.

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