Re:Stage #01 — Club Idol

July 7th, 2019


Oh boy, an idol club.


We're getting a twofer here. Instead of just being a slobbery blowjob to the idol industry, the first half of the episode is more of a slobbery blowjob to being in a high school club. An ungodly amount of time is spent on nothing more than "You should only be in a club you're truly interested in!" Then they finally get to what the club actually is, and it's an idol fanclub for practicing being idols, but despite loving idols just so very, very much, she doesn't believe in herself until friendship happens.

One day, one of these idol shows will involve a featured character being liquified in the first episode, or do the Starlight Revue thing but not spend the other 90% of every episode on pure banality. Or if we're really lucky, be an actual parody of the idol industry that is something besides a slobbery blowjob. Today is most definitely not that day.


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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    I can sit through slobbery blowjobs to the idol industry, what I can’t sit through is the inevitable influx of angst and drama to characters we’ve only known for three hours of real time because idol-ing is hard. Like, the first half of Zombie Idols but for a whole show.