Granbelm #03 — Invisible Piano

July 19th, 2019


That scene needed at least three or four more passes.

Fire Force's episode 3 was canceled this week due to the tragedy at Kyoto Animation. Given its content, particularly the characters fascinated by starting and playing with fire, I wouldn't be surprised if all its broadcasts were shelved for the season.


I legitimately could not tell you what happened in the last like six or seven minutes of this episode. Every now and then, there'd be an explosion, or someone would go "Oh no! My mana!" And then there was like a minute straight of just sparklies gathering… somewhere, and some random one would speak half a sentence about their sister or mother… Someone was playing a ghost piano which they used to summon another squat mecha which is apparently somehow different from all the other squat mecha, I guess? That whole sequence is probably what it feels like to be on peyote and chew 5 gum.

It's still preferable to the first two thirds of the episode though. Apparently Moon-1 was a family friend of CrazyFace until ????? and CrazyFace decided Moon-1 was trying to steal her family. This seems like CrazyFace should be the one acting like a huge bitch, but Moon-1 does nothing but passive-aggressively taunt CrazyFace, so I would be pretty happy honestly if both of them got shivved in the kidneys. And no, that backstory didn't require goddamned fifteen minutes to get through, but that's how long it took, even without filling in the ????? part. No doubt that will be its own entire episode. 

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