Granbelm #02 — A Future in Botany

July 12th, 2019


wasn't this supposed to be about giant robots or something?


I'd sum up this episode as "But why?" They start off with this big whole thing about how PInky never came home, which made them call the police, etc etc… but why? To what purpose? Then it's time for more straight up info dumping. A lot of info dumping. When it finally extricates itself from that, there's a few minutes of checking up on the peanut gallery. We see the girl who lost last week being kicked out (and unfortunately only with a depowered rock, not totally vaporized) and of all inane things, a scene focused on the little sister. Why? Hell if I know. I guess because that one white haired girl that's seemingly stalking everyone is also stalking her? But all she does the whole episode is hang around on the edge of scenes, staring the blank thousand yard stare of a guinea pig. So… why?

It's probably because the central 'conflict' of the episode was so banal. Are you going to follow through with the premise? Are you going to keep doing the thing that you did in the previous episode? Yes? Well, I don't think you're really taking this seriously enough. After all, as we just showed you, even if you're obliterated by a giant laser, you just go back to how things were before. Are you prepared to pay that price!? And then at the end, it all appears to be totally academic because the crazy one pops right back up to force a fight either way, so, again, what was the point of all this faffing about? No doubt because someone believed the faffing itself had value. I hate that person.

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  • anise_punter says:

    At some point people just forgot how to write “the crazy one” and just figured “make their eyes bulge but their pupils contract and give ’em a big ol’ mouth” and the job is done.

    This also applies to the accelerator episode, but you could have guessed that.

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