Given #01 — Sad Boys Hugging Guitars

July 11th, 2019


Now do a show about sad guitars hugging boys.


As far as shows about melodramatic teenage boys lounging around, pining over some random object melodramatically go, this is… certainly another one of them. The brown haired dude has the same plastered look on his face from start to finish, and the dark haired one is the sullen grumpy but passionate archetype. You can tell by how he occasionally scowls or points. That's more or less the entire sum of their personalities after spending twenty excrutiating minutes with them, and there's about as much story to be had here too. They're all mope about life in general, but eh, guitars. And a band. And… uh… what else do you need for a story? Music? Animation? Character development? Conflict? A plot? Naaaah.

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