From Commoner to World’s Strongest #01 — Check The Stats

July 8th, 2019


I think a montage of status screens may be my new personal rage trigger.


First, why the hell is it so dark? Is it so that the status screens stand out better? I'm certain that it is. I kind of don't even want to summarize this nonsense. He spends most of the episode looking horrified and we're supposed to feel aghast at the horrible situation and how powerless and victimized he is… then he eats a chunk of monster jerky and gains the powers to know anything about whatever he touches, and turn anything into anything else he feels like. So he makes a super gun to eat more monster jerky and gain yet more super powers. Yeah, truly an underdog here, MacGyvering his way through challenges on nothing but wit, pluck, omniscience, and omnipotence. Which he then uses to give himself super speed, invulnerability, and god only knows what else. Worse, most of that is shown as goddamned status screens, which I'm still sick to my gills of. There's a brief moment where it shows the jerky is corrupting his DNA and his hair turns white, but mostly, it's a montage of status screens. Eat a dildo, Sword Art Online. I don't care if some other franchise would have popularized it anyway, I'm calling you the originator of this sin.

*ahem* It's every bad cliche that it appears to be, from the jerk classmates to the twisted melodrama faces, to jumping straight to godhood told through status screens. There's even a victimized little girl at the end who will no doubt be taken as his daughter-wife-slave to check off that box as well. The monsters are CGI, yet still impossible to see. The main character is ridiculous. The character development is via incrementing numbers on a glowing spreadsheet.


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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Can somebody more in the know with japanese culture explain why these have to be isekai stories with RPG video game elements – why this can’t be literally exactly as it is except just a standard fantasy setting?

    Are people just incapable of realizing “oh this is supposed to be an insert character” unless the character is literally inserted?

    • abc says:

      perhaps catching the MMo Whales? and try to suck them into animes?

      or Online time consuming

    • CatsB says:

      probably because it’s easier to write? litrpg books often literally have stat sheets taking up pages/audio time and they are fully reread everytime there is a change, in some truly trash ones there is even a damage log and weapon durability. light novels don’t have that but Im sure the reason are similar.

    • CatsB says:

      like how fanfiction of a established world is easier to write,etc

  • LoliHat says:

    The first episode is even worse than described here.

    It was that bad.

  • Tiresias says:

    I admire your patience. It took you this long to get fed up with stat screens. Meanwhile I’ve been hating stat screens ever since SAO.

  • Anonymous says:

    It was a refreshingly brisk-paced opening.

  • abc says:

    There is lately many MMO Based Animes. When will Fortnite based Animes arise? or other popular MMO Games

  • The Phantom says:

    Its an edgy SAO with a smartphone ahem status screen. LOL @ daughter-wife-slave.

  • dp says:

    This was the worst piece of crap to appear this season.

    Lengthy and boring combat scenes BEFORE the character was introduced (so we have nothing invested in him). Multiple flash backs that served no purpose at all – if you’re going to cover this stuff, just tell it in linear order.

    Zero characterization except “I’m pissed off”

    Stupid use of RPG tropes for no reason at all.

    Boring magic. Aside from the killer wabbit, mostly boring looking monsters.

    The ONLY saving grace was the opening and ending songs were pretty decent and the opening promised some more interesting character designs (more rabbit girls?) But this was a dreadful opening that made SHIELD HERO look like a work of narrative genius.


  • CatsB says:

    LONG AGO IN A DISTANT LAND, I, CATSB, THE SHAPESHIFTING MASTER OF DARKNESS, picked up the first chapter of the manga related to this product. It seemed interesting, back then there were not as many “Im going to be an edge lord in another world” stories like Dungeon Seeker,Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi,etc so it seemed mildly interesting. soon it became very clear MC was just big softy grump and most of the story so far has been about them going into one note gimmicky old dungeons and destroying them with their OP powers. Meaning even if this ep has been good there is not much of worth in the overall story.