Fire Force #01 — Hot Flash

July 5th, 2019


What on earth was with the super sexualized nun fetish ED?

Although the ED did do a good job of showing just how little you need to do to actually convey a character's tragic backstory, so I assume it'll also be expanded into an entire episode, probably a three parter.


*ahem* Certainly the best animated thing of the day so far by a huge margin, even if the 3D fire effects were a bit corny a lot of the time. It was also blissfully mostly free of the standard Jump yelling and overreactions, opting for a somewhat more subdued approach to at least its levity. Not to the drama. Good lord, no. Smileyboy here seemed like he was full of confidence and at least didn't scream his head off when cleavage was shoved in his face, but I guess he was sent straight into mortal combat with no training whatsoever, because after getting pulled out of his traumatic PTSD flashback origin story, the very first thing he did was freeze up back into it, followed by saying that it totally wasn't a panic attack as he stood paralyzed in the grip of yet another PTSD flashback. Eventually, he would save the day on the first kick thanks to the rest of the team sitting around and waiting patiently for him to do that. The script and direction for what was supposedly the episode's big emotional high probably needed another pass.

I can also only say somewhat because there's a whole scene where they call everyone into the room to have what I guess we're supposed to take is a daily review of the show's setting, as if every morning at McDonalds begins with a staff meeting where the boss explains their goal to bring type-2 diabetes to the world and that the hamburgers are made of a meat byproduct. This is in addition to every character getting a nameplate slapped upside their face and a readout of their powers, not to mention nobody being able to even sneeze during the action scenes without announcing what they're doing. That last part is especially weird because the ones with special powers announce what they're doing, but the dudes without powers all yell stuff like "Hammer swing strike level 2!" And then there's a mascot nun character for the fetish crowd that just stands on the sidelines and prays, but apparently they can't function without it. Must be a homeopathy thing.  

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    The manga was so-so but the anime looks quite good. At least is visually appealing and is not yet another medieval fantasy setting. At least is a contemporary fantasy setting with tanks and guns.

  • sp33 says:

    I fully expected this to spend 10 minutes on the info dump modern anime calls worldbuilding and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t. High marks for that.

  • The Phantom says:

    This was solid visually, I wonder if one of them is going to turn into a flame-man while fighting, also his brother is totally responsible for the fire, very good show actually I liked it a lot, the nun ending was kinda interesting, maybe the nun mascot is a demon? that would be cool is she was responsible for the flame-disease thing.

  • Tiresias says:

    It’s not a horrid 1st episode, but the way the presented the flashbacks was pretty bad. And the way the team AND monster just politely waited for him to finish internally monologuing was just…ergh.

  • CatsB says:

    Seig type-2 diabetes.

    I was unimpressed with the ep, I think they reused the same flashback 3 times. apparently the kid went to the academy for this and was even famous there but like you said he froze so they could go all “comrades, bro. blue line 4life”. They did not say anything about monster levels in their info dumb but every encounter so far was boring and easily dealt with, they were more in danger from a falling light fixture than from monsters made of fire.