Ensemble Stars! #01 — Big Man on Campus

July 7th, 2019


Oh no, I put too many points in Popularity and not enough in Talk.


Nor does this one rock the idol boat, except perhaps in the degree to how little effort the script writers took. If the audience self-insert female harem master has a name, I didn't catch it, because all of them refer to her as "new student" for the entire episode. In the explanation of who wins idol battles, they brought up a chart with points and gacha ratings, I'm almost 95% is straight from the dumbass gacha game it's based on. There's also something a little weird about having a rock concert and a legion of dudes showing up with giant hearts instead of eyes, but what do I know?

The only part that sort of sparked some slight interest is when one dude declared he was gonna be the manliest man on campus by having an impromptu rock song calling out the current manliest man, who then decided he'd just beat up the first one. This sequence also contained about five seconds of actually animated fighting, which is both strange, but was part of about a twenty second 'fight' which was entirely stills and speedlines otherwise, to say nothing of the godawful animation for the rest of the episode.

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