Do You Love Your Mom? #01 — Cliche Checklist

July 12th, 2019


Oh boy, more status screens.

Dr. Stone reverted to the Jump mean like whoa, with an episode that was almost entirely shouting followed by scaring lions and boars by doing shouty kung fu. I called it quits partway through.


Even if there weren't about a half dozen other versions of this show this season, this episode would've still come off as just going down a soulless checklist. Here's the dude being pathetic in the real world. Here's the fantasy world but we're doing nothing fantastic in it. Here's some dude delivering his status screen that shows how super cool he/his mom is. Here's some unanimated monsters that someone will just do a pose against a blank background and then they'll all fall over or turn into sparklies. The end. It no doubt thinks that it's a comedy, but every joke is his mom hanging around either saying or doing something daft, which he then overreacts to with a shout and explanation.

Don't worry though, it tries to be dramatic too. It does this by having his mom randomly start crying because he wasn't nice enough to her. Why all the other times both before and after went un-cried about is a mystery to me, but I assume it's because we were about 15 minutes into the episode and someone said that the episode had to have some kind of dramatic element. Rest assured that there was nothing you might mistake for character growth or depth from it though, and it followed it up by retreating right back to the safe space of more character sheets and status screens before promising in the next episode preview that the harem was going to be jumping from one to at least three or four next week, along with baths. Fantastic.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    Unfortunately this does not go in the assumed direction so I don’t get why involve his mom.

  • Bertz says:

    You consider average high school students how pathetic?

  • CatsB says:

    not even an isekai, they are straight up playing a low quality mmo, with selling point being feelings and comedy. I could not drop it fast enough. isekai is already low effort, you would think bottom was reached but glorious Nippon finds a way.
    checked it out because a friend was intrigued by what a presence of a parent might to do for the cliches but I doubt it will do anything and even if it does, its not a journey that’s worth my time.

  • The Phantom says:

    Why his mom, I dont get it, you have to be really sick to get aroused by your Mom. Silly asian.

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