Could You Love a Pervert #01 — Sudden Scatting

July 8th, 2019


Borzois are incredibly ugly dogs.


I made comparisons to MM's setup in the season preview, but this is a much more somber affair, not to mention a far more idiotic one. The protagonist here is thicker than a cast iron ball in a brick of concrete. In fact, the middle is a quite literal tour of all the girls, him dropping hints to see if they're interested in him, and every single one of them going "I want to bend you over a filthy couch and bang you like you were the drum solo in In A Gadda Da Vida until neither of us could walk straight or look each other in the eyes ever again," to which his response each time is "Huh? What a weird thing to say. I wonder what she meant." Unfortunately, there's very little else to this episode besides following the imbecile and wondering why the weird scatting music keeps kicking in.

Shows like MM or Hekiyoh('s first season) had energy and something going on in between the rampant flirting, and there ain't nothing wrong with a bunch of flirting, especially if it provides some back and forth and snappy dialogue, which is something A Sister's All You Need (another show in the same ilk) did at least passably some of the time. Hekiyoh also usually had some lesson learned for the week that was the culmination of each episode, which helped give its characters a little more depth and weight. This just has misunderstandings between abject imbeciles, focused on a dullard who can't connect the dots if there's more than one dot to locate, which utterly kills any chance of the characters being able to carry the wafer-thin hint of a story. Hell, it takes the whole episode just to really get to explaining the damn title, like there's something to be coy about and the T&A is not what anybody who sees the title is here for.

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  • The Phantom says:

    I thought she was going to kill him while he closed his eyes, that would have been fun, all of those girls are perverts right? and the macguffin is a pantie, please Japan you can do better, I want another Kimikiss.