Cop Craft #02 — Cat Backstory

July 15th, 2019


Sure is nice they got all the animation for the week done with in the first 15 seconds.


To follow on my previous post, it's a game that I would struggle to play with this episode because goddamned nothing happened in it. We learn that magic can control people using the magic drug, but also you can just bomb them with it and brainjack them that way. The reason that consumes the whole episode is because those two tiny tidbits of data are each repeated about four times. First Shrimpy needs to say it. Then we go to the morgue to repeat it. Then it's over to the arms deal to have them explain it. Then we go to the investigation of the arms deal murder to review it one last time. One last time for this episode, I mean, obviously.

It also makes almost everyone in the show come off as profoundly, almost willfully ignorant, which does them no favors when the 'knowledgable' one is throwing tantrums because they didn't immediately run off and put a sword through a dude the very first moment they have a lead. That's also where the episode unceremoniously cuts off. Not ends, is simply over. Because there was no start, middle, or ending to this episode's story. There were the two little factoids, and a bunch of padding, mostly in the form of cat backstory and being an Uber driver.

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  • arekusu says:

    The scene where ElBaji laughing his butt off when hitting Mr. Ferrami was the best part, literally.

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