Dororororororo #22 — Ghost Rider

June 10th, 2019


I keep waiting for Taho's gang to have an "Are we the baddies?" moment that will never come.


I mean, come on, they're literally grafting demons onto themselves at this point in order to stop a dude who's trying to kill demons and become human at the behest of their crazy cultist father/slavemaster who himself is 100% down with human sacrifice so long as it adds 5% to the annual crop yield. Where's Dororo to shed a tear and lament how they're family and just need to talk it out? Seems like the thing that should've been happening to Daigo all along though, not to the midbosses, and certainly well sooner than a couple weeks from the very end of the show.

The real star of the episode, totally sarcastically, was Mom. I expected her to be Another Tragic Figure™ because that's what she's been for all twenty one of the previous twenty one episodes. They could've hopped her up on opium and put her in a delirium where she's taking care of a little corn-husk doll that she thinks is Hyakkimaru or something. Really milk that for all its worth. Would've rolled my eyes at that too because she was already an over the top drama-bot, existing only to kill herself from guilt. But they decided to go a completely different tack. Apparently when she stabbed herself in the gut in her last appearance, that got all the crazy out of her and she's turned a new leaf. She's not just better now, but she's well adjusted and ready to go out into the world and take care of any random sick dudes that they happen to stumble across. She even warps the reality of this world so much that nobody immediately tried to rape or kill her when she showed up, which is I'm pretty sure a first for this show when it comes to females. I'm sure either Taho or Hyakki will accidentally kill her next week.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Ark noir says:

    Pontya + evolution = rapid dash + tm35 flamethrower spammed = horse’s story

    Best part was 12th demon not wanting mutsu’s Ebola got the 11th demon to good be up its parts to the Scooby gang. Dodged a bullet there 12th.

  • CatsB says:

    yay horse vengeance. unclear at what point hyakki decided to get on the horse and embrace the red aura(was not at the gate). I expected Taho’s girl to give everyone the plague.
    The whole conflict of “whats the right thing to do” seems extra forced since it was already covered in this show, (more than one time) where villagers where sacrificing travelers, did not care about evil as long as it kept them happy and the harm went elsewhere,etc. each time the show definitively said those people were wrong.