The Son’s Grandmagi #04 — Pink Eye

May 1st, 2019


We can always get lazier.


I'm pretty certain this is where I part ways with this show. This episode was just flat out boring. Nothing happened for about 90% of it, and then they stumbled into the big bad, who had his face effortlessly nuked in by Super Protagonist. It was just straight up empty space until yet another anticlimactic curbstomping against a goofy cackling lunatic. We're also just setting aside that he murdered a classmate, but I expected that. Even if you forget the power fantasy nonsense, there's nothing else here; no story, no development, no plot, no humor… admittedly some goofy balloon boob cleavage shots, but hardly even any of those. I would kill for this to have the ambition of a throwaway show like C³, but even that is a tour de force in writing, animation, and anything else you could name compared to this.

Not that I'm throwing my marbles in with Sarazanmai either though. Supposedly, episode 4 is a big one. So I'm slightly curious to see what that's about since 9 times out of 10 in anime, that means they'll be shockingly killing a mentor character in accordance with the most overused cliche imaginable. The other 10% it's fridging some poor idiot. Since the show has no mentors, and nobody to fridge, one has to wonder what will be so shocking. Probably one of them sniffs the marijuana and then stabs a dude to demonstrate the evil of drugs in the closing seconds after 21 minutes on how sea cucumbers are vaguely phallus shaped. When it fails too, I guess it'll be another season with a random freeform ramble in the middle of the week.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Bertz says:

    I can conclude that that the part of Isekai is purely anecdotal and that this is mainly an anime of a magic school with the MC and his companions fighting against enemies known here as demons and demonoids ( like most of the other animes of the magic school where the MC and his friends must fight against X enemy as examples are like the magical terrorist group of Rokudenashi, the aliens of Hundred and the monsters in Seiken Tsukai World Break, just to mention Some)
    There really is not an “isekai plot” because the protagonist does not use his knowledge of past life to improve anything, it is only a pretext that he uses his scientific knowledge with his powers but could simply say that he is a genius or is Overpower.
    In addition the prota does not have a harem because only one girl has romantic interest the other women have the MC friends so that there is a couple for each.

    I am sure that if the anime had not been sold as an isekai surely people would have a better impression of this

  • The Phantom says:

    I am quite shocked about how they throw aside the fact that he cold blooded murdered a classmate, that also happened to be a rival for his favorite girl, nobody asked any question and he even got a medal out of it, just WOW.

  • ark noir says:

    Must always thank that anime ‘aldnoah zero’cos it was that which taught me, logic is the new magic in the 2010 anime’s. It applies here.