Yu-No #02 — Popsi Seda

April 9th, 2019


The teste of a ganeration.


All the power of a god, so let's use it to… actually, nah. Let's not use it. Let's go back to bumbling around for another twenty minutes. But then we found something actually important enough to use it, so we'll… fail a few times, and then the episode is over. Eat your heart out, Spiderverse. Or Chronicle. Or Project Almenac. Or A Billion Other Things.

Which is kind of the short way of saying that this was another very plodding, very dull episode as it did its best to ignore what should be its jumping off point, and I extremely doubt that I will be so much as popping my head in for a look at what its third episode will hold. Presumably, he'll hang out like a persistent big of wall-moss around one of the other haremettes, as they gesticulate wildly and point at the mysteriously mysterious mysteries that maybe we'll get around to checking out someday but not soon. So much for Tuesdays this season.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • residentgrigo says:

    So you are brave enough to face the madness! Act 1 and 2 of this should be self-respecting (and also dated) high-school fluff that goes through the harem routs with the rape service taken out and the sex reduced to off-screen material. You will be broken by the 16 to 18 ep. mark. Then comes an abysmal flashback to a previous life in a fantasy world that teaches you the glory of pedophilia and incest. With the incest likely being played down and rape being less prevalent. Ep. 26 will then loop back to ep.1 with a semi-open ending and is all deep and stuff.

    And that´s when you will start to hate VNs and maybe even anime altogether. Than Zodd that this anime will forever ruin the ultra-niche cult status the game had as normal people will now be exposed to its overall rubbish. It´s also unplaybale without a guide.


  • The Phantom says:

    Silly Japan nobody buys a porn game for the plot…


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