The Magi’s Grandson #01 — Parallel World Fantasy Bingo Card

April 10th, 2019


From one brainless power fantasy to the next.


I barely even want to touch on the reincarnation crap since if you started the episode 30 seconds in, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't exist except to be random bizarre nonsense. "I remember my previous life, but buying things? What's buying?" Which is then made even worse that it used that as its specific example because he then just does it and goes "Oh, okay. That was easy." What the hell was the point? If you wanted to make a joke out of something like money confusion, just steal some gags about British currency. This is more like trying to check off boxes for cliches as quickly as possible, whether or not anything makes any sense. And speaking of which, it's not like light novel fantasy protagonists were ever underpowered. Lina Inverse's signature move was destroying the countryside. But at some point, the writing just collectively stopped being coy about it, and now every protagonist has to not only be a god, but has to display it decisively as the very first goddamned thing they do. This one is especially bad since they make a whole damn little ceremony out of it for no purpose except to demonstrate his godliness. If this kid was MacGyvering his way into super spells using basic knowledge of physics from the other time, then at least you'd be using all the pieces of your asinine setup together into one package, but no. He's just a god whose big character flaw is not realizing how much of a god he is. I would ask where it all went wrong, but I think we all know that the answer is Sword Art Online.

I suppose it's slightly more palatable than Shield Hero or Goblin Slayer or others in that vein because it's considerably more light hearted, and by that, I mean reaction faces and screaming . Not that it doesn't threaten rape upon a female character, mind you. Of course it does that. Two of them pop up at the very end for that very purpose, and of course, with the traditional light novel adaptation blithe lack of self-awareness, proceeds to objectify and ogle the girls that the protagonist just saved from objectification and ogling. This being a step up from the previous two to three minutes of everyone standing around, complaining about how much it sucks to be king, own a mansion, or have an army of maids waiting on you hand and foot. So as non-serious as it is, it could still stand to pull its head out of its ass. At least it bothered to animate the couple little action scenelets. Ain't gonna win me with that, but it's in theory something that it could build off of if in future episodes it does endeavor to attempt a rectal-cranial extrusion.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    This one felt as if they write it following a manual, checking the boxes despite it doesn’t having any purpose. Like the whole isekai part, like there are lot of isekai where the isekai part doesn’t really play a game, but this lead to literally nothing, it could be just a kid born in that world.

  • The Phantom says:

    If this is yet another isekai with a smartphone clone then fuck this, however if this a Eternal Sonata where the guy is dying and this is his mind making a fantasy world in his last moments, then hell yea count me in, doubt so though this is likely yet another isekai with a smartphone.

  • ark noir says:

    “If you wanted to make a joke out of something like money confusion, just steal some gags about British currency.”

    I be finger snapping right now saying “oh no you didn’t, mr brexit”

    yeah and this sucked something rotten. It was like a tutorial with the main problem the flexibility on magic creation.

  • DP says:

    “I suppose it’s slightly more palatable than Shield Hero or Goblin Slayer or others in that vein”

    Uh, no. They at least demonstrate some originality in narrative elements or sense of drama. This is lowest-commmon denominator crap of the sort that happens when shonen jump and light novels have an incestuous baby.

    Even the little details were lazy, like him wearing a modern suit-and-tight outfit.

    About the one good thing is the grandparents were entities in their own right, but that’s about it.