Sarazanmai #03 — Daydreams of a Sociopath

April 25th, 2019


This is what a stalker does before murdering you and wearing your skin.


It was strangely upsetting to me that they were going without shinguards for soccer stuff… not to mention socks. That could also be a factor of the writing once again being completely incomprehensible. Glasses keeps hallucinating his BFF/sexual assault victim coming back to soccer-chill with him, and along the way, picks a fight with random kids. This is a sign of how much he cares about his friendship. You know, going up to a public space and screaming at two dudes playing soccer there about how they're not allowed to be there and then physically attacking them when they won't respect the sanctity of your dibbs. Can't you see from that how much friendship means!? 

And, uh… that was kind of it for the episode, actually. The kiss-villain was only tangentially related to a random noun brought up at some point, again, and the dance sequences are still being totally recycled. It's not making a good case for itself for this over the terrible Wednesday thing. I have a hard time thinking of this as more ambitious or less cliche when it is indulging the hell out of recycled animation. Stupid useless middle of the week.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Stick with it chum… watching it will build character… hahahahahaha

    Let the rest of us know when it stops recycling dance routines…