Sarazanmai #02 — Stock Footage

April 18th, 2019


Stock everything.


Not that I didn't expect the song and dance sequence to be recycled, but like… the entire thing was recycled. Is every monster going to sprout tentacle fists so they can use that exact sequence with no changes whatsoever? Probably.  It also didn't help that the episode was just layer upon layer of stupidity that went nowhere. The carrot to keep them doing this is apparently that they get a wish granted… so they all think up some mundane garbage like giving their brother a pet cat. So it seems like it'll be a weekly thing, right? Possibly where they learn some valuable lesson along the way? Wrong. You have to collect the entire china cabinet, so see you in a month, or maybe even the end of the show.

And then there was all the character stuff. Let's just run through it. The monster was a dude trying to make a Cruella de Vil cat suit because his girlfriend likes cats. Its connection to the rest of the episode is because the stray one kid and his brother befriended ate a baggie of the emo one's pot. It ran into a theme park where apparently you're forced to cosplay and hold hands. Why? Never got around to that. Or any purpose. It was just played off as a sort of gag. "We have to hold hands or you'll be kicked out and have to stop chasing the cat, so I need to hold your hand while I try to stop you from chasing the cat!" It doesn't go anywhere, nor is in pursuit of any theme. It's obtruseness hoping for people to ascribe meaning because it can't be assed to do that itself. Hell, the big reveal was that the dude grabbed that cat off a porch, and told his brother it was a stray. Note that he didn't keep it or do anything to keep it from just wandering back home. Really? That's it? That's the big damning secret that we're screaming about? Is next week's secret going to be that he says he likes Coke, but actually prefers RC?

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    nande kore?! ̿(⊙_☉) Like…seriously, what is going on?