Fairy Gone #02 — Blondes Have More Evil

April 14th, 2019


I wonder if everyone in this world has an blonde evil friend.


This was an episode in desperate need of a plot. Any plot. What they went with was basically "There's a dude in a big empty field to fight… and they fight." Perhaps they could've used the first half to set something up instead of squandering it away on flashbacks and training montages. Hell, they could've given more screentime to the two new members of the team, the Megaman X reject robot masters Scouter Frog and Sniper Locust. All they got was to give their intro speeches and take a potshot at a single golem mook. 

Speaking of which, I think the real disappointment though was that they pulled out a couple golems and those were the big boss of the episode. You're supposed to escalate from the grunts to the midboss, guys, or at the very least, bring the midboss back afterward. Instead, he takes out Maria's Fairysona, then spends the rest of the episode standing on the sidelines, posing dramatically, daring Maria to shoot at him and/or Free to yell at him while they pretty easily and handily take out the grunts. I still also say that while the action music would be way more fitting in a non-Victorian setting. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    The only friend bocchi even has is blonde and mean to the only other person she talks to apart from bocchi, you might be onto something