Fairy Gone #01 — Victorian Persona

April 7th, 2019


What is this, Persona day?


The really weird part is how both this an Annihilated City have basically the same OST. Okay, no, that's not fair to the writing, because it's terrible in a way that only PA Works can manage. "What are you doing in here with this collection of priceless artifacts and super weapons, heavily armed girl?" "Oh, nothing at all. Just wandering around, poking at things, letting wild animals out of their cages." "Wait, that's my childhood friend who's murdering the hell out of everybody! Veronica! Don't you remember our friendship!? OUR FRRRRIIEEENNNDDDDSSSHIIIIPPP!!!!" I honestly couldn't say who was the worse protagonist between Yuki and Maria, because they were both terrible in very different ways, but I feel that Yuki has better potential to grow (although I doubt she will), and in true PA Works fashion, Maria is going to spend the entire series screaming about friendship no matter how many people she has to ignore being murdered. 

This does have its ducks in a row better than Acropolis Equity on the production front though. Apparently I have a greater tolerance for CGI chairs goofily flying through the air than I do CGI people and vehicles. Or it's just that there was some actual fighting animation with choreography mixed in there. It was still on the lower end for a PA Works action show though, and nowhere near as impressive as, say, Sirius's opening episode was. Since I mentioned Absessive Cistern skipping over the Persona explaination, I probably have to mention that this also mostly avoided that pitfall, but it did jump into the long… long setting exposition ahead of anything interesting happening, while Absent Sippy did a better job of splitting things up to keep the episode as a whole flowing, even if both liked to do dumbass cutaway flashbacks.

I'll give it the same grade as Alabaster Chippy for now, tolerable, possibly potential to be had, but not a wowing episode. Better production than the other, but way dumber characters, and that's an achievement unto itself.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    The only thing missing was the protagonist calling their persona name for a critical attack.

  • Bertz says:

    Did you actually watch the episode? It was an auction by the mafia and both main characters were infiltrated as part of the security detail.

    -“Wait, that’s my childhood friend who’s murdering the hell out of everybody! Veronica! Don’t you remember our friendship!?

    Why would Maria care about Veronica murdering mafia people? They’re fucking mafia. I have to ask again, did you actually watch the episode? And Yuki doesn’t even have characterization or personality. She’s just cargo the male MC is transporting. You can’t compare with Maria.

  • NeclordX says:

    Persona? To me it looked more like Pokémon Sword and Shield the animation. I swear the main character is directly from pokemon Sw&Sh