Dororororo #14 — Deja Vu

April 15th, 2019


I feel like I've seen this episode before.

No particular reason I'm posting this so late. I grabbed it off the internets and then I guess just cast it away into the mind vault.


Not that it was a noteworthy episode though. Or even a decent one. It spent about the first third explaining that the map on her back is one half of a map to apparently infinite gold, and then just went, eh, whatever, and pretty much dropped it. That was followed by some comic relief with a giant ghost baby that went on for at least three minutes longer than it needed to. It wasn't until the halfway point of the episode that we reached the episode's titular character who told them an obviously false story about local history… so obviously false that even the characters immediately said that it was all total crap, whereupon, and you'll never guess this… it turns out that this is yet another village that feeds travelers to a local monster. 

So quite a bit of meandering and then just setup for something that it already did before, even down to the weird ghost hanging around. Maybe it was meant to be a meta episode, made up of all the parts of episode 2, mixed up a little bit… and then stretched out to a second episode. I mean, we have buried gold, giant headed harmless ghost, head of village in the thrall of an insectoid monster posing as a beautiful woman. Maybe the entire second half is going to be a retread. If there is some kind of twist on this one compared to the last time we went through this song and dance, it ain't coming until next week.

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