Spec-Ops Asuka #09 — Wrapping Up The Setup… Maybe

March 8th, 2019


Brought to you by "I really don't want to go digging around in MDKB's scripts today."


Oh good. All the people that have been running around doing random things have finally been thrown together into a single square mile. Wait, no. Here's a few more new characters too. I guess we're still in the setup phase of this arc despite being a month into it. But finally, here's the opening shots. Aaaand the episode's over. Glad we took that time out to make silly faces, do fanservice bits about licking ice cream, and have a cutaway to explain that a female likes stuffed animals as she dry humps one in her underwear. Need I remind you that we never even finished the goddamned first arc? They effortlessly defeated a couple subgrunts, chased off the midboss, and then we just dropped it. A month later, and maybe… maybe next week, our protagonists will finally for the first goddamned time run into the antagonists of the next arc due to them kicking down the front door with a literal army… which is already being one-shot by second bananas.

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