Dororororororo #11 — Fire Fox

March 18th, 2019


At last. The confrontation between two stoic, emotionless, dead inside husks.

The astute will notice that I skipped Asuka last Friday. I've stopped caring about the show in its entirety. I contemplated some kind of fanservicey post, but couldn't come up with any topic to ramble about for a couple paragraphs, so instead started on next season's preview in the misplaced hope that it'd give something to look forward to. I'll attempt to do better this weekend, but no promises.


Another mystifying episode. I'm pretty certain that this show isn't ending in the coming weeks, so I don't really know why it's seemingly trying to bring together all the 'main plot' stuff, as little of it as it even has. They still haven't even made Hyakkimaru an actual character yet. He's still basically just a blank slate of sword arms wandering around with a titular child accessory who has even less to do with anything. That's probably enough to get by with stories of the week where they learn some little lesson about humanity or life, like the one decent episode this show has had, but this episode was entirely pussyfooting around a will-they/won't-they encounter where god only even knows what's supposed to be at stake. Hyakkimari either stares like a blind deer in headlights or attacks things. A cliffhanger hinging upon dramatic elements of his character is empty because there are no dramatic elements of his character. Almost the same could be said for Tahomaru too, who spent a second episode musing only to have the answer slapped in his face like a cream pie out of nowhere thanks to Ye Olde Mad Woman on the Streets, reaction and possible action (if any) to which to come another week.

Also, there was some random kid with a fire fox. I guess that was meant to be Dorororororo's connection to ongoing events. Good job, girlfriend!

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