The Price of a Smile #05 — Girls Just Want to Smile

February 1st, 2019


I miss the nuclear lettuce.


I don't know that I have it in me to continue with this either. This season is just miserable, although looking back to past winters, that seems par for the course. I think I can probably stomach Dororo and Asuka, if not just to use the time to fantasize about how they could be better shows, but everything else is looking fairly dire, and I only have so many past projects to talk about… not that those seem interesting either. I know I've got a fuller review of Baldr Sky in me, and could always rant aimlessly about a few random games. Now taking suggestions, I suppose.

Anyway, I can't even really fathom what this episode was going for. By the way it ended, I assume it was meant to be focused on Lily, the other girl character in the squad, but all she did was have a flashback to some time when Whose-Her-Face saved her and then smiles. Whose-Her-Face barely even appeared in the episode, except to have a particularly weird life-flashes-before-her-eyes flashback when she got randomly slugged by apparently what's going to be a recurring miniboss. Even the miniboss was just the same as the others, except didn't go down to a single shot and then ran away at the end. It may not have been another awful princess episode, but it lacked anything like the nuclear lettuce or even the single scene of nihilistic smiling that I'm probably putting way too much weight on, but it's the only stand-out moment this show has so far.


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