Spec-Ops Asuka #07 — More Barrier Talk

February 22nd, 2019


This is getting super weird.


To be completely honest, I've pretty much checked out mentally on this show. Even Grimms Notes I feel has more going on for it. That at least forces me to dredge up memories of stories I read ages ago and haven't thought about in at least a decade. Here, we have another 12 minutes of straight up filler, followed by unanimated 'action' stills interspersed with even goddamned more shouted exposition about apparently yet another kind of special magical barrier. All of that is setting up… not even clear what. We're seven goddamned episodes into the show, and still struggling to get the Wunderteam in the ED even into a single plotline. There's just so little happening on any front. Asuka's still dropping in and out of the PTSD schtick at utterly random times based on just the thought of someone in the same hemisphere as her getting hurt in any way. It has like five different people all running around in the background doing their own things, connected to the protagonists by only the thinnest strands and to ongoing events by even less. And, of course, the animation is still somewhere south of abysmal, which is almost impressive in its own right.

And what does it offer as a tease to look forward to? They're going to torture spank a girl and have a beach/swimsuit episode. People were paid for this. Many people. People who profess to have careers.

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