Spec-Ops Asuka #06 — Intermission

February 15th, 2019


I'm ready to start working on the preview for next season.


The thing that stood out the most about this episode was how incandescent so much of the food was. It was that kind of vapid, brainless episode. The only sort of vaguely promising thing was that the American team moved from being about a thirty second tease to eating up about five minutes of the episode. They're far more interesting than the pack of imbeciles going to a study session or eating weird-looking food at a festival. Cause that's all they did this week. A great big pause button on them. And then a pause to the pause. Just their way of working up to what appears to be a training session next week, I suppose.

At any rate, the only connection the protagonists had to the things that were happening with the tertiary crowd is that they bumped into the miniboss a couple times. The miniboss that then caught a bullet to the face after, and you'll be shocked by this, spending most of her fight explaining how strong her shields are and/or having other characters explain how strong her shields are. The rest of the 'dialogue' there was them announcing her backstory. Again, for a one-off character that had maybe three minutes of screen time in total.

Next Episode:

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