Dororororororo #06 — Pet The Bunnies, George

February 11th, 2019


Oops, everyone's dead. Again.


Again, I'll have to say that I simply don't understand what the hell the writers were going for here. She dreams of Riceland, a world of rice, and uses that to dissociate while doing horrible things that she is very obviously lying about being okay with. Then she's killed at pretty much random, but we need to keep her rice dream alive and stride off together into Rice-Elysium. The end. Also, there was still a demon antlion. And Annie May and Cletus back on the homeranch are saying that a storm's a'coming for the fifth week in a row. Do I really have that right? It's almost nihilistic in a way. There's only monsters, rapists, and packs of murderous child-killers roaming the countryside, so just think of the bunnies, George. Except that clearly someone on staff does think that they've delivered a touching tale of tragedy.

It really speaks to how bleak this show is. Not even effectively bleak since it's just suffering on suffering on more suffering. Nobody gets even the slightest happy end. Nobody is taking joy in life, living or anything. That was a really critically important part of the non-terrible Garous that Mappa's done; not only having a hedonistic character or two to contrast against a world of nothing but misery and death, but having a few not entirely happy endings, but ones where life goes on. It's really bad because it seems like Hyakkimaru recovering all the various pieces of himself is an obvious gateway metaphor in him learning to be human and/or the, to wax poetic, joy of life. Christ, her singing's right goddamned there. But they only seem interested in using it as a knife to twist in how Jesus-like she was.

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