Dorororororo #05 — Bumfuzzled

February 4th, 2019


Great. Just what this show really needed.


Another episode where the narrative is an absolute mess, made worse by it being an entire goddamned arc. You'd think they would've just concentrated on the sound stuff for an episode, but that was all but dropped within the first five minutes. So then it's on to a singing girl, so maybe we're sticking with sound? Nope. Here's her pack of orphans and oops, off to be forced into prostitution or maybe just raped by some random dudes in the woods. Yeah, after shunning any real sex stuff for a month, it's straight from zero to walking in on greasy dudes running a train on the made-to-suffer girl of the week. Lovely. And what does any of this have to do with the antlion that apparently ate Hyakkimaru's voice? Jack squat. That's just something else also going on, I guess.

It's like three different scripts for three different episodes got mixed together. The only connecting element to any of it is the unrelenting, and almost goofy at this point, "everything in the world is horrible and wants to kill you." Except now we can add sexual violence to it too in a corny attempt to be extra shocking. This show badly needs to fix up its writing, both the narrative and to provide some contrast against its silly nonstop horrorshow of existence. This isn't a serious show with serious drama. It hasn't even risen to the level of being as 'serious' as things like Buffy or pick a random Marvel movie. Even Antman liquified sheep. Maybe that's really all this has; a few moments of ostensible shock trying to masquerade as serious.

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  • kenuran says:

    Theres also Hyakki getting his new leg bitten off and apparently the demon pact his father made for prosperity wearing off.

  • The Phantom says:

    LOl @ random ad spam.