W’z #04 — Date Week

January 26th, 2019


So, are we just all in stall mode for every show before January's even over?


I don't know that I can survive this show either. I tried. I hoped. I prayed. Had the fight come at the start of the episode rather than the end, it might've been enough to string me along another week, but it was both mediocre and came at the end of the episode, about 10 minutes after my patience had reached its breaking point. Another episode of absolutely nothing. Just kind of roaming around aimlessly waiting for something to happen, which consumes most of the episode. 

When they finally do get back to actually fighting, you know, the core thing of the setting, it's interrupted repeatedly to explain how none of the rules that they took their time out to explain over the last few episodes were actually correct. Yeah, all that stuff about former Hand Shakers having lost their powers and whatnot? Changed our minds. They still have them. Also, here's another few minutes talking about how our protagonist has no real hopes, dreams, ambitions, and doesn't care about anybody. That'll really endear him to our nihilistic ennui teenage audience. Also, here's the former protagonist that we spent an entire goddamned episode explaining how searching for him was going to be the big quest. Two episodes later, the quest is over, I guess. He tried, what, once to look for him? 

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  • jgoi says:

    You would probably have more fun reviewing Young Justice Outsiders but then you would have to pay for DC Universe.


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