W’z #03 — Twenty Minutes in Cafes

January 19th, 2019


Man, Saturdays are rough.


Saturday is making narrowing things down rough by all the shows putting for atrocious episodes this week. Endro and Kaguya distinguished themselves by both spending a couple minutes doing an almost cut and paste of the opening minutes of their first episodes. At least Endro tucked its repeat bit at the end instead of the start (after an entire episodes of 'shenanigans' where they all do their gimmick to determine who the 'leader' is), and didn't have a narrator shouting character introduction… again. Neither cast of characters is particularly endearing, but both do shout and explain what the jokes they're making are a whole lot, which just grates further on me.

This, meanwhile, was just twenty-one straight minutes of exposition. The really galling part is how little it covered. Yukiya is some miracle baby from the other world dumped on Team Handshaker, and… uh… that one carry-over girl has some kind of magic sickness… still. And, uh… that's it? I have no idea who anybody is. They're all grumbly at each other. The 'new' characters barely even show up in the episode. This season is… not shaping up well, and I'm honestly not really sure what to do with it.

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