W’z #01 — Is Actually Hand Shakers 2

January 5th, 2019


They hid this because…?


Two important things to note. First, despite the show's insistence that its title should be pronounced "Wise", I'm going to be sticking with "Wizz." It has the bonus of working extra well with characters named things like Regal Pile. Second, apparently this is a sequel to Go Hands's last bizarre nonsense show, Hand Shakers. Not a stealth sequel or anything. It goes out of its way to explicitly tell us about the Hand Shakers and I assume that flashback stuff was things from that show. But I have no idea. And that just raises further questions for the future about whether it's going to be pulling stuff from that… or if it even matters because Go Hands shows are nothing if not an endless barrage of nonsense.

Anyway, it doesn't break too much new ground for Go Hands. Stylish and then some, although like always could stand to be a little less glowingly neon, and the crowds a little less disturbingly CGI. Still too many characters and not enough actual story driving things as well, and when the 'story' does kick in, things get more incomprehensible than focused. I want more hits, so let's go into the middle of a crowded street where when you touch my hand, you'll have hallucinations of death and be transported into a psychedelic dimension where I'll hit the demo button on my Casio, luring out an ambush by super powered hand-holding assassins. And then it just ends. The gormless sidekick takes it all in stride like it's absolutely nothing. The protagonist is just kind of like "We are Hand Shakers and must fight. I have a sword made out of CDs. See you next week."

I guess from my memory (and going back to check my old post) that it was a better opening episode than Hand Shakers itself had. More restrained for certain. It doesn't do really anything to establish what the show's arc or plot is going to be though aside from "let's hold hands and kung fu fight," of which it has not very much of the latter. You'd think that they'd have put a lot more effort into the music if that was going to be the primary theme or focus though. Instead, we get characters rocking out to about a five second loop that wouldn't be out of place as a stock track on a $20 keyboard… multiple times. I'd probably give it at least another episode since the characters aren't nearly the sad sacks of Hand Shakers, and maybe if they actually start fighting, Go Hands has been known to be flashy about that, but I will say that it's a good thing for it that Saturdays this season look pretty dire to begin with. I don't expect a damn thing here to make any sense though, and I'm sure as hell not going back to Hand Shakers to find out if that's why.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NeclordX says:

    I don’t think they hide it at all, from the promotional video you could tell this was totally Hand Shakers


  • The Phantom says:

    They went overboard with the blue color. No clue what is hand shaker and could not care less. Not my kind of show anyway.


  • Something says:

    On a meta level this has to be most entertaining anime of the season. Having the audacity to create a secret sequel to such a disaster is impressive


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