The Price of a Smile #04 — Flashback Week

January 25th, 2019


Did I miss a memo or something?


This may be where I call it quits for this show as well. It was back to the princess and she remains as godawful a character as ever; perhaps even worse now that her bubble's burst. Her reaction is to throw an episode-long (and counting!) tantrum, and all the adults in the room are bending over backwards to protect her and accomodate her. Maybe it's supposed to be a parallel to current American politics. It's a poor juxtaposition against the constant doom and gloom of how outmatched they are in the war, how desperate the fight is, how badly they need leadership and every advantage, so on and so forth. None of those things so much that they might go against the whims of a temperamental 12 year old throwing a fit in her almost literal fairytale utopian castle though. Frankly, the nuclear lettuce last week was easier to swallow than the core dramatic conceits of her character.

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One Lonely Comment

  • abcd says:

    Go Guerilla, and cut the Support Lines. The Mechas do not need Fuel or something? The Pilots are all Robots and do not need to Eat & Drink and Sleep (Even with Wake up Drugs)

    Terrain advances? Can they run in Muds, woods or other terrain?

    And so on.. Of course an full flag attack head one is deadly. But an Enemy you can not see is the worst


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